Second Place in International Fitness Competition for Sphit Athlete.

Alicia La Pierre Ortiz places 2nd in Sports Model Competition in Musclemania;

a fitness competition in Mexico City.

Los Angeles, CA – December 27, 2018 – Sphit’s effort to support women athletes is rewarded with a second-place placement in an international fitness competition. Sphit’s mission is to support women athletes in their development and pursuit of a fit lifestyle. The most recent marketing campaign titled “Together We Are Fit” focuses in delivering value to women in the fitness community through premium leggings and strategic amateur athlete partnerships. Alicia La Pierre Ortiz is a fitness enthusiast with a truly inspiring story. Her determination and dedication to fitness has allowed her to place second in the Sports Model category at Musclemania, a fitness competition in Mexico City. Sphit is proud to support women whose drive allows them to reach their fitness goals.  “We want to create a community around our brand. We want to encourage women to reach their fitness goals while providing them with Premium Quality Leggings” said Moises Perez President and Founder of Sphit Clothing. “We are inspired to give women a premium alternative to sports clothing that is made locally, something that is completely produced in the heart of Los Angeles to be able to control all aspects of the product’s quality. Today many major manufactures decide to go abroad to save costs. We decided to maintain production locally to maintain a truly premium quality product. We want our products to truly have an impact in women’s lives. By combining our amazing products with the ambition and motivation of each women athlete, we know that we can accomplish unimaginable things. This is the focus of our message. ‘Together We Are Fit’” Sphit is driven to inspire our community to have a healthy and fit lifestyle to combat the continuously increasing obesity epidemic and the diseases associated with it. By supporting fitness driven individuals to reach their goals, Sphit is inspiring a change in the local community by showing these individuals that any fitness goal can be achieved with dedication. Alicia’s inspiration began by looking at fitness models on social media “I looked at those girls and thought to myself I wanted to be part of this community.” This was just the beginning.” She has been in a fitness journey for about four years now. Her continuous effort has taken her from admiring fitness girls on social media to be the fitness admiration in international competitions. “The preparation and training for a competition is very intense. There are many challenges that one must overcome” Alicia said; “having the support of a local brand is always very inspiring.”  

Media Contact Luis Sanchez Marketing Director, Seven Instinct Marketing, Los Angeles